SNACC Program

Cultivating community through growing, preparing, sharing and eating healthy food.

SNACC (Student Nutrition and Culinary Community), now in its second year, is the culinary arts “wing” of the South Whidbey School Farms program. The School Farm program, now in its fourth year, includes growing produce for the school cafeterias, on-site farm/garden education at three school campuses, and culinary arts classes for elementary and middle school students. We work directly with the South Whidbey Elementary School to make the farm/garden environment an integral part of children’s’ school experience. Eating fresh vegetables is as basic to the program as growing them. Elementary students sample the vegetables they have grown each time they are at the farm (ending each class with what we call ‘garden nibbles’). SNACC offers students another way to incorporate fresh healthy vegetables into their diets, as they practice food preparation skills and expand their tasting palate. Our recipes are simple and straightforward, with the goal of easy replication at home with minimal specialty kitchen items.

The South Whidbey School Farms program is seeking a creative, highly self-motivated individual to implement and continue to design the expanding culinary arts program for 3rd through 7th grade students in the South Whidbey School District, and to coordinate and manage food for events such as Harvest Feast and Earth Day. This position will include planning, teaching, managerial, and documentation responsibilities. The coordinator will work closely with other members of the South Whidbey School Farms team. Click HERE for the full job description.