SNACC Program

Cultivating community through growing, preparing, sharing and eating healthy food.

SNACC (Student Nutrition and Culinary Community), now in its second year, is the culinary arts “wing” of the South Whidbey School Farms program. The School Farm program, now in its fourth year, includes growing produce for the school cafeterias, on-site farm/garden education with Elementary, Middle School and High School students, and culinary arts classes for elementary and middle school students.

The farm is an integral part of children’s’ school experience and eating fresh vegetables is as basic to the program as growing them. At the end of every farm class, the students eagerly pick and eat vegetables they have helped grow. SNACC incorporates fresh healthy vegetables into the students’ diets as they practice food preparation skills and expand their tasting palate. Our recipes are simple and straightforward, with the goal of easy replication at home with minimal specialty kitchen items.

SNACC classes are taught Grades 3 – 6, and also in the Grade 7/8 Heath and Wellness Elective.

SNACC also coordinates events, such as the Elementary School Thanksgiving Farm Feast, Taste Washington Day, Earth Day and Orcas Picnic where fresh veggies from the School Farm are featured.

The High School Garden and the Snack Garden also contribute veggies to the SNACC program.

The SNACC program was recently featured on KING5 news HERE.