Support the school garden program and help us meet a $30,000 match!

The Goose Grocer is offering a $30,000 match this year for the School Farm and Garden Program and the Goosefoot Community Fund is raising the match! We need your support and generous contribution!

goosematch Click HERE to donate and write School Gardens in the comments section, or send a check to Goosefoot Community Fund, PO Box 114, Langley, WA 98260 with School Gardens on the memo line.

Your contributions are essential for this program to continue to thrive and grow!

Click HERE to download our 2016 flyer!


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A wonderful Thanksgiving Harvest Feast!

img_6623-1-copyOver 850 students, parents and family members. teachers and staff enjoyed a delightful Thanksgiving Feast at the Elementary School on Thursday, Nov. 17th! On the menu from the School Farm was mashed potatoes, roasted squash, kale salad, carrot sticks and pumpkin pie, all made from veggies grown by the students. Everyone was able to enjoy the farm feast, and the cafeteria also had their traditional turkey dinner to purchase. It was quite the banquet!

The fourth grade classes of Ms. Raley, Ms. Stanley and Ms. Kizer made artwork for the table decorations. Students from the third, fourth and fifth grade classes came down to the WIN kitchen and helped with the preparation of the food.

John LaVassar’s fifth grade class decorated the tables with tablecloths and flowers, accented by lovely artwork from the Fourth Grade classes. The fifth grade classes of Ms. Muncey, Mr. Callahan and Ms. Callahan enthusiastically served up the dishes. Enjoy these photos below, and click on a photo to start the slide show.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the farm team staff and volunteers who helped make this feast such a success!


Liza Elman and Jenny Goff coordinated all the food preparation, and the cooking classes with the children, Nadean Curtiss and Jude Bierman organized all the school activities with recipe books, artwork, table decorations, cooking classes and serving coordination. The School Farm and Middle School Garden, managed by Kevin Dunham with help from the students, provided over 500 pounds of potatoes, pumpkins, squash, kale and carrots. Melinda Gardiner and Whidbey Island Nourishes helped with kitchen logistics and volunteer recruitment for veg prep and cooking. On the day of the feast, the serving team of Suzannah Dalzell, Christine Johnson, Peter Martin, Susanne Newbold and Joe Wizenand, mentored the students who filled hundreds and hundreds of plates with food.

It was a delicious and nourishing culminating event for our season!  The students have now put the farm to bed for the winter and will resume classes in January. We’ll start preparing next fall’s feast when we plant the potatoes, pumpkins and squash this spring!

Enjoy this menu presentation from these fifth grade students!

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Getting ready for the big Thanksgiving Harvest Feast!

On Thursday, Nov. 17th, from 10:30 – 1 pm, the Elementary School celebrates its traditional Thanksgiving Feast! The School Farm program, with the help of the students, is offering mashed potatoes, kale salad, roasted squash, carrot sticks, and pumpkin pie, all with veggies harvested from the school farm (no cost, available to all students). The school lunch will have turkey, gravy and dressing, dinner roll, and green beans ($5.50)

This thanksgiving feast is a terrific opportunity for the students to learn cooking skills while preparing the produce they helped grow, and to delight in sharing this food with their fellow students, parents and families, and the greater community.

The fourth graders made pumpkin pie and roasted squash from pumpkins and squash they grew and harvested. The third graders made mashed potatoes from potatoes they had planted and harvested (supplemented by the middle school garden). Fifth graders made the kale salad from kale they grew. All these grades helped wash, cut and prep the veggies. Then they enjoyed what they had cooked!

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In addition to the contributions of the students, there has also been a tremendous volunteer team helping to prepare and cook the enormous amount of food needed for the feast. A big thanks to the mentors of the students during their cooking sessions, and to the prep and cooking volunteers from the farm team and Whidbey Island Nourishes. There are now sixty pumpkin pies, an enormous vat of mashed potatoes, bowls and bowls of kale salad and carrot sticks, and trays of roasted squash ready for the feast. Yum!

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Decomposing pumpkins!


img_5665img_6217What a great way to fertilize our fruit trees! Collect as many Halloween pumpkins as we can, have great fun examining them during our last garden classes of the year, and then put them around the fruit trees where they will decompose and nourish next year’s fruit.

img_6303-copyThe pumpkins were arranged from most intact to most decomposing and the students followed this progression as the pumpkin trail led to the fruit trees. Each grade examined and drew the pumpkins according to their developmental level, gradually becoming more sophisticated with their observations and tallying of data about the different features of the decomposing pumpkins in all their variety.


Our thanks to all the families who donated their pumpkins! You can see in the grass the difference last year’s pumpkins have already made to the soil. The children eagerly anticipate watching the pumpkins disappear and transform into fruit!

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A busy fall season in the gardens!

Fall is a season of harvest, and in October we also turn our attention to putting the garden to bed for the winter. After the crops are harvested, the beds are planted with cover crops. Every child learns about the cycle of the seasons, and how to create fertile soil. It’s also an ideal time to be creating new garden spaces that will be planted in the spring! (Click on the photos to start a slide show.)

Two new gardens were launched this fall, and the kindergarten garden was spiffed up. There is still more work to do, but now there is a new 6th grade garden started at the Middle School (thanks to support from the Whidbey Island Garden Tour), and also a new healthy snacks garden started at the Elementary School (with appreciation to funding from and Chartwells).

The end of the season is coming! We still have lots of overwintering kale and field peas for the students to munch on, but all the other beds will be cover cropped or mulched. The garlic and bulbs will be planted. We’ll be sending out a call for your decomposing Halloween pumpkins to help fertilize our fruit trees. And we’ll celebrate a wonderful feast of Thanksgiving at the Elementary School on Thursday, Nov. 17th!

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Come see the film “Cultivating Kids” on Sunday, Nov. 6th!

Click HERE for great article in the South Whidbey Record about the film!


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School farm/garden apprenticeship program now hiring!

header-composite-8nov2015aGrow Whidbey is an apprenticeship program to give motivated individuals the skills and knowledge needed to become growers and teachers in the field of sustainable community agriculture. This collaboration between the South Whidbey School Farm and Garden and the Good Cheer Food Bank is now hiring for the 2017 growing and teaching season. Click HERE for more information!

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