Thank you Goosefoot and Goose Grocer!

In 2014, the Goosefoot Community Fund and the Goose Grocer made a three-year commitment to fundraise for the South Whidbey School Farms program to help get it launched. Over those three years, Goosefoot raised $85,000 which was matched by the Goose, for a total of $170,000! We can’t thank Goosefoot and the Goose Grocer enough for this invaluable support! Because of it, the School Farms program is now thriving— with five growing locations at 3 school campuses, K-7 garden-based curriculum now expanding to the High School, a culinary arts curriculum (SNACC), school farm-grown produce delivered to the school cafeterias in season, and hundreds of delighted students enthusiastically eating fresh picked produce during their classes.

Thank you Goosefoot and the Goose Grocer, and the many community members who donated to their campaigns!

This school year, the Goose Grocer will be contributing $50,000 to the School Farm program! Thank you so much to the Goose, and to all the people shopping at the Goose whose purchases help fund the School Farms!

To donate to the School Farm program starting in Fall 2017, click HERE

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HERE and HERE for the 2016 – 2017 campaign

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HERE for the 2014 – 2015 campaign