Delicious Highlights from SNACC Classes

Our first culinary classes in September made good use of our abundant crop of cucumbers. Students learned how to make Tzatziki Dip. The overwhelming opinion about this recipe was ‘DELICIOUS’ and the next request was ‘Can I have the recipe to make at home?’.


Our next and most popular recipe was learning to make fresh corn tortillas and filling them with chopped up garden produce. Carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and garden grown dry beans that had been cooked and spiced were added to the freshly made tortillas.


Each class, grades 3 though 6, alternates between garden and culinary arts classes weekly basis. All the students in a class have the chance to participate and learn the skills, ingredients, and preparation for each recipe and of course, sample the final product.


Grade 7 classes have also participated in SNACC classes. The students in Ms. Milan’s science class had the opportunity to learn to make fresh spring rolls with rice paper wraps and a peanut dipping sauce. This recipe took patience and careful handling of the ingredients to get a good ‘wrap’. Students had great success in both preparation and eating!


Nicole Johnson is our culinary arts teacher and she has been planning the recipes for the students this fall. We call our program SNACC (Student Nutrition and Culinary Community) and this is the second year of using our fresh garden produce in combination with other ingredients to make recipes that the children prepare and enjoy. The skills involved are many, some of which are: chopping, grating, mixing, seasoning, following recipes, measuring, communicating, and cooperating. Students are learning to notice flavors, and try new things and realize that they can make adjustments to the seasoning in a recipe. It’s nice to hear them discussing the flavor of a recipe and thinking about how they might change it to make it more to their liking.


Giving a recipe top star rating!


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