A new snack garden!

When kindergarten teacher Diane Burgess retired, her garden needed new caretakers. The little raised beds were hard to maintain and had gotten a little overgrown. So the School Farm and Garden program got the go-ahead from the Elementary School to transform the little garden into a larger growing space that would grow snack veggies for the students to pick. A $1000 grant from Kidsgardening.org provided the funds for tilling the ground, and purchasing fencing, and seeds and supplies for planting and making starts.

The old beds were removed, native plants were relocated to the Second Grade garden cove next to the School Farm, and the kindergartners helped spread the soil in preparation for tilling.

Fifth grade students helped with the design of the garden as well as the vigorous work of spreading compost and making the paths and the beds. They also planted peas, broccoli, kale, radishes and french sorrel which grew beautifully, and were eagerly eaten!

Everyone is looking forward to the carrots, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, ground cherries, kale, broccoli and sorrel that will be ready for more snacking in the fall!

We find that the students love to fill their pockets with veggies to snack on later, or to bring home to their family… they just have to be careful with the tomatoes!


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