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Kale Pesto, Pea Shoot pesto, Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie, Radish Cole Slaw, Pumpkin Dip, Green Goddess Potato Salad, Polenta Fries, Roasted Vegetable Hummus, Tabbouleh Ranch Dressing, Italian Dressing, Wow! The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th grade students have learned to make all of these dishes. Even the primary students have read the Hungry Caterpillar and made their own edible version.  See the hungry frog being gobbled up!


During the past 4 months of culinary classes the students learned the basic skills of cooking. The SNACC program has given the students the ability to try new vegetable based dishes. They use a rating system to positively express how they like the different recipes. Keeping an open mind and commenting on flavors has been encouraged.


One of the components of the SNACC program is to provide a sense of artistic freedom through growing and preparing food.  It’s been exciting to watch the students confidence and knowledge grow with each class.

The all school Earth Day celebration was an amazing time to showcase the SNACC classes and share new recipes with the rest of the school.

The students who have had culinary classes were enthusiastic to share the different foods. The students who haven’t participated in SNACC were a bit more hesitant to try new things. Thankfully SNACC will be around to continue educating and sharing food with the whole school. IMG_1508

These three girls demolished our kale and beet stir fry which they made during their activity time on Earth Day.

We talked to the primary students about getting a whole rainbow of colors into our diets.  Our tasting table was filled with our farm rainbow – tomatoes, carrots, roasted carrot hummus, plain hummus, snap peas, cucumbers, celery, peashoot pesto, apple butter and roasted beet hummus.

The first grade students made their own artistic and creative hungry caterpillars with celery, apples, tomatoes, grapes and our home made spreads.


Only a handful of students had tried tabbouleh before making it in SNACC class. By the end of the session, many were coming back for their 5th and even 6th serving! The students get excited and artistic when creating a new recipe. Students have been able to take basic ingredients provided and create tasty recipes that show an expanding taste palate.  Now in class we hear comments like “I think this needs more salt”, or “This dressing is extremely sour and bitter”. These statements show that in addition to learning and tasting recipes, they are creating a healthy relationship to whole food scratch cooking.

The garden is producing lettuce, kale, bok choi and even carrotScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.13.10 PMs now that it has finally warmed up. We’ve  increased the amount of growing space which willenable us to ramp up our production in farm favorites such as carrots, dry beans and even strawberries! The students LOVED the bright purple beet bean dip.

This gives us the real advantage of connecting what we’ve grown to what we’re preparing and eating.  What could be more real and rewarding?

Looking forward to next year. We hope to have a storage space to have access to our garden food all year round. Here is a picture of our beautiful dry beans soaking for the beet bean dip lessons.


Just remember : When working with fresh organic food, our options are truly endless!

ENJOY All that the children have cooked!

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