Earth Day 2017


Friday, April 21 dawned with brilliant sunshine and calm skies. The weather graced our second annual Earth day event at the school farms. Tents had been put up, food prepared, and activities made ready for the students who attended the event with their teachers in an all day celebration of the Earth.

Students participated in art activities that used natural materials in order create lasting and permanent garden/school art. Mandalas were painted on smooth stones, weavings created out of natural materials on the garden fence, and habitat buildings constructed in hopes of attracting pollinators and beneficial insects to the garden.

Students used naturally dyed yarn to create circle weavings. Some of the dyes were taken from the School Farm’s natural dye flowers and plants. Faery houses and rock friends are  being checked on by the kindergarten and first grade students as they come to the garden for classes. They want to see if they can catch a faery sleeping in the little house they made on Earth Day.

The third, fourth and fifth grade students helped prepare for the event by cooking in the WIN kitchen during the days prior to Earth Day. Vegetable soup, pea shoot pesto, and hummus(including, beet, carrot, and plain) were all made by the students. The fun part was watching them eat and enjoy the food they had grown, prepared and finally devoured after their art or building activities were complete.

During the week after Earth Day the garden teachers had the delight and pleasure of hearing student comments such as, ‘Earth Day was awesome!’,  ‘I loved the soup we made’,  ‘Pea shoot pesto is delicious!’ and many projections of activities that they want to try next year.


Big appreciations to the Earth Day team.

It was an awesome Earth Day 2017.


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Photo Credits to:  Bill Birney, Meg Peterson and Cary Peterson

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