Signs of Spring

Between the rain, wind and unpredictable weather, students have been courageously working on spring garden tasks. Some days, we’ve had to move our classes indoors to the greenhouse or the Garden Resource center. However, beds have been weeded, cleaned, and planted. Students love working and watching the garden transform as a result of their efforts. We’re learning each and every week what it takes to make our garden grow strong and healthy with all the vegetables we love to eat.

The hearty kale is still providing garden nibbles for students along with the sorrel plants with their new green shoots. Grade five students have been learning how to grow micro greens indoors and the lush growth of pea shoots and lettuce mix have provided green nibbles for the whole school.

Grade two students have worked together to plant an entire bed with field peas that will grow into a bed of sweet green shoots for delicious garden nibbles.

First and second graders have been getting up close and personal with the soil by learning all about wire worms. We prefer to keep this garden pest out of our garden. Students made their own wire worm traps with skewered potatoes and flags with their names on them. Carefully checking the traps when they come to the garden and placing the caught wireworms in a big tin can saves our vegetables and provides endless fascination with the soil as students notice all the creatures therein.

The diversity of seeds from beans to lettuce is a topic that third graders are beginning to know well. They’ve learned about seed families along with shape and size of seeds while examining, sketching, sorting and finally planting seeds to be placed in a mixed salad bar garden after spring break.

The engineers of grade four and SWA have been creating designs for pea trellis’s based on the peas habits of growth. Students have worked in groups to sketch and model trellis’s that they will build outside. SWA students have built their trellis’s and the Grade Four students have planted peas and will build their trellis’s after spring break.

Everyday, we hear someone say “I love the garden”.  We all know, that’s the magic ingredient that makes the garden grow.

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