A wonderful Thanksgiving Harvest Feast!

img_6623-1-copyOver 850 students, parents and family members. teachers and staff enjoyed a delightful Thanksgiving Feast at the Elementary School on Thursday, Nov. 17th! On the menu from the School Farm was mashed potatoes, roasted squash, kale salad, carrot sticks and pumpkin pie, all made from veggies grown by the students. Everyone was able to enjoy the farm feast, and the cafeteria also had their traditional turkey dinner to purchase. It was quite the banquet!

The fourth grade classes of Ms. Raley, Ms. Stanley and Ms. Kizer made artwork for the table decorations. Students from the third, fourth and fifth grade classes came down to the WIN kitchen and helped with the preparation of the food.

John LaVassar’s fifth grade class decorated the tables with tablecloths and flowers, accented by lovely artwork from the Fourth Grade classes. The fifth grade classes of Ms. Muncey, Mr. Callahan and Ms. Callahan enthusiastically served up the dishes. Enjoy these photos below, and click on a photo to start the slide show.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the farm team staff and volunteers who helped make this feast such a success!


Liza Elman and Jenny Goff coordinated all the food preparation, and the cooking classes with the children, Nadean Curtiss and Jude Bierman organized all the school activities with recipe books, artwork, table decorations, cooking classes and serving coordination. The School Farm and Middle School Garden, managed by Kevin Dunham with help from the students, provided over 500 pounds of potatoes, pumpkins, squash, kale and carrots. Melinda Gardiner and Whidbey Island Nourishes helped with kitchen logistics and volunteer recruitment for veg prep and cooking. On the day of the feast, the serving team of Suzannah Dalzell, Christine Johnson, Peter Martin, Susanne Newbold and Joe Wizenand, mentored the students who filled hundreds and hundreds of plates with food.

It was a delicious and nourishing culminating event for our season!  The students have now put the farm to bed for the winter and will resume classes in January. We’ll start preparing next fall’s feast when we plant the potatoes, pumpkins and squash this spring!

Enjoy this menu presentation from these fifth grade students!

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