Getting ready for the big Thanksgiving Harvest Feast!

On Thursday, Nov. 17th, from 10:30 – 1 pm, the Elementary School celebrates its traditional Thanksgiving Feast! The School Farm program, with the help of the students, is offering mashed potatoes, kale salad, roasted squash, carrot sticks, and pumpkin pie, all with veggies harvested from the school farm (no cost, available to all students). The school lunch will have turkey, gravy and dressing, dinner roll, and green beans ($5.50)

This thanksgiving feast is a terrific opportunity for the students to learn cooking skills while preparing the produce they helped grow, and to delight in sharing this food with their fellow students, parents and families, and the greater community.

The fourth graders made pumpkin pie and roasted squash from pumpkins and squash they grew and harvested. The third graders made mashed potatoes from potatoes they had planted and harvested (supplemented by the middle school garden). Fifth graders made the kale salad from kale they grew. All these grades helped wash, cut and prep the veggies. Then they enjoyed what they had cooked!

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In addition to the contributions of the students, there has also been a tremendous volunteer team helping to prepare and cook the enormous amount of food needed for the feast. A big thanks to the mentors of the students during their cooking sessions, and to the prep and cooking volunteers from the farm team and Whidbey Island Nourishes. There are now sixty pumpkin pies, an enormous vat of mashed potatoes, bowls and bowls of kale salad and carrot sticks, and trays of roasted squash ready for the feast. Yum!

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