Decomposing pumpkins!


img_5665img_6217What a great way to fertilize our fruit trees! Collect as many Halloween pumpkins as we can, have great fun examining them during our last garden classes of the year, and then put them around the fruit trees where they will decompose and nourish next year’s fruit.

img_6303-copyThe pumpkins were arranged from most intact to most decomposing and the students followed this progression as the pumpkin trail led to the fruit trees. Each grade examined and drew the pumpkins according to their developmental level, gradually becoming more sophisticated with their observations and tallying of data about the different features of the decomposing pumpkins in all their variety.


Our thanks to all the families who donated their pumpkins! You can see in the grass the difference last year’s pumpkins have already made to the soil. The children eagerly anticipate watching the pumpkins disappear and transform into fruit!

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