A busy fall season in the gardens!

Fall is a season of harvest, and in October we also turn our attention to putting the garden to bed for the winter. After the crops are harvested, the beds are planted with cover crops. Every child learns about the cycle of the seasons, and how to create fertile soil. It’s also an ideal time to be creating new garden spaces that will be planted in the spring! (Click on the photos to start a slide show.)

Two new gardens were launched this fall, and the kindergarten garden was spiffed up. There is still more work to do, but now there is a new 6th grade garden started at the Middle School (thanks to support from the Whidbey Island Garden Tour), and also a new healthy snacks garden started at the Elementary School (with appreciation to funding from KidsGardening.org and Chartwells).

The end of the season is coming! We still have lots of overwintering kale and field peas for the students to munch on, but all the other beds will be cover cropped or mulched. The garlic and bulbs will be planted. We’ll be sending out a call for your decomposing Halloween pumpkins to help fertilize our fruit trees. And we’ll celebrate a wonderful feast of Thanksgiving at the Elementary School on Thursday, Nov. 17th!

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