Pizza Camp

Pizza CampGarden Pizza Camp was a tasty hit!

Over the past two sessions we worked hard to harvest and create garden pizzas from scratch. Camp started by making dream pizzas Modeling Clay Pizzausing modeling clay to get creative juices flowing. We played around with different colored sauces and all sorts of topping ideas with the clay. Everyone participated in making and gathering the pizza ingredients from harvesting the basil for pesto, tomatoes for pizza sauce and both peppers and squash for toppings. We even learned a song all about pizza!

The farm had two pizza circle beds that grew almost all of the necessary ingredients for making a pizza! In these beds we harvested our basil, pepper, and zucchini and the beautiful tomatoes came from the hoop houses where they are growing like crazy. We were just missing the wheat.

Making the DoughKarl, a professional baker who sells at the Bayview Farmers Market, taught us how to make pizza dough with both yeast and sour dough starter! We worked with both types of dough and hypothesized which one we would like better. We learned how to make paneer cheese from goat milk as a group. Everyone was amazed to watch the whey separate from the milk curds and Cheeserealize how easy it would be to make at home. On Friday we had all hands on deck and created around 20 different pizza’s using our home made pesto, raw pizza sauce, cooked pizza sauce, our home made cheese and all of the amazing vegetables from the garden to top with.

The camp taught the kids about where pizza ingredients come from and everyone was very adventurous in trying all of the different recipes we worked with.

You really can’t beat eating fresh garden grown pizza outside in the sun paired with a fresh garden salad! We are lucky to have access to all of this fresh and healthy food. The school farm is here for the whole community to enjoy. If you have not yet attended please join us for our Tuesday morning work parties through August 30th.

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