A new season begins!

Now that the darkest part of the winter has passed and the new year is here, all the elementary school students have started to venture out into the School Farm to resume regular lessons and anticipate the new growing season. Each class began with a tour where they recalled the autumn harvest days again while looking at the very different winter landscape.

The fall planted cover crops of rye, clover, hairy vetch, austrian field pea and fava bean were growing and lush in the beds, and it’s time to turn them over!

Shovels were hailed and students from kindergarten through fifth grade dug and chopped in the cover crops while understanding that the soil would be enriched and ready for planting due to our efforts.

decomposing pumpkins jan2016_2614We walked around while chatting about all the things that had been growing last season. We were happy to find more disgusting, yet fascinating decomposing pumpkins in a new part of the garden. Yes, the fence had expanded and there is a new section for fruit trees as as well as more bean teepees and circular beds.
More circles were plotted and compost spread as we anticipated longer days and best of all, more bean teepees for crawling into.

kale eating january_2618Everyone was eager to eat the hardy kale and spicy mustard greens at the end of the garden lesson.

Happy munching and thoughts of the next garden lesson were happily anticipated and chatted about between green teeth and happy smiles.


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