A Thanksgiving Farm Feast!

Mashed potatoes, kale salad, roasted squash, fresh carrots and pumpkin pie… the South Whidbey Elementary School celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast from the farm! Over 800 students and families were served!

John LaVassar’s fifth grade class decorated the tables with tablecloths and flowers, and the other fifth grade classes of Ms. Muncey, Mr. Callahan and Ms. Callahan served the dishes. Students from the third grade class of Ms. Cain, and fourth grade classes of Ms. Raley and Ms. Kizer made labels for what was being served. All the third, fourth and fifth grade classes above, as well as students from Ms. Ploof, Ms. Sage and Ms. Stanley’s classes helped with the preparation of the food.

On the day before the feast, students came to the Primary School kitchen, and under the tutelage of Kristi O’Donnell, Mary Fisher, Dorit Zingarelli and Heather Racicot from Whidbey Island Nourishes (WIN), learned safe food handling procedures. They sorted the potatoes and washed them. The students learned how to make kale salad, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.  Very delicious! And, at the end, they washed the dishes!

With over 800 people to feed, over a dozen WIN volunteers spent days making the little pumpkin pies, preparing the carrots, delicata squash and kale salad, and on the day of the event, roasting the squash and mashing the potatoes! That was a lot of cooking! Everyone was able to enjoy the feast, and the cafeteria also had their traditional turkey dinner to purchase.

IMG_0087A HUGE THANK YOU to volunteers Jude Bierman, Kristi O’Donnell, and Lyn Kiernan. Jude organized the event and activities with the students and teachers, Kristi organized the food preparation and cooking classes with the students, and Lyn was the master chef who helped with recipes, food preparation and cooking on the day of the event.

The School Farm provided over 450 pounds of potatoes, pumpkins, squash, kale and carrots for the feast, grown with help of the students.

What a wonderful delicious and nourishing culminating event for the fall harvest that all the students participated in and enjoyed, and shared with their families! We’ll start preparing next fall’s feast when we plant the potatoes, pumpkins and squash this spring!

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