School begins!

We’ve been growing all summer long for the students’ return to school! All grades K – 5  at both the Elementary School and South Whidbey Academy are now coming to the school farm. Delight all around as the children found their favorite vegetables and made garden tacos. Plus, the garden veggies are being delivered to all the school cafeterias for the school lunches.

The students explored the veggie tunnel, saw what happened to the peas they planted last spring (turned into pea seeds!), ate beans, and learned how they become seeds in the scarlet runner bean teepee.

Look at the difference of the size of these buckwheat plants (the tall ones were blown over in the late August storm). A great springboard to exploring soil fertility!

smiling face with cantelope1_0289Lots of learning will be happening this school year at the farm, as well as lots of well-nourished and happy children!

smiling face in scarlet runner beans2_0331

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