Third graders growing the veggie tunnel

third grade veggie tunnel planting_4318The exploration of seeds and plant structures in the Third Grade curriculum yielded a bounty of plants for the veggie tunnel, for the pizza, taco and bean beds, and for eating by the students!

The veggie tunnel is an adapted carport that will be a tunnel of tomatoes, cucumbers and beans in the fall when the students return to school.

In the early spring the students grew starts of many different varieties of lettuce, kale, spinach, peas and mesclun mix, planted them out by the veggie tunnel and watched their progress through the season.

veggie tunnel being enjoyed by fourth graders_7822These veggies became delightful additions to the popular garden tacos that were enjoyed by all the classes. The students became quite proficient in identifying, and eating the veggies!

third grade veggie tunnel2_7760

third grade veggie tunnel _7775

third grade phacelia pollinator_2488As well as planting and learning about the different seeds and growth patterns of the vegetables, the students also grew plants that attracted pollinating and beneficial insects. In particular, phacelia, also known as Bee’s Friend, is quite beloved by the bumblebees, bees and hover flies. We grow food for ourselves, and food for the pollinators!

Besides growing starts for the veggie tunnel, the Third graders also grew lettuce, kale, wheat, squash, tomatoes, corn, beans and flowers for the farm. Many of these were grown in 4″ pots in a light box near their classroom, with the students helping water them. Watering the plants at the farm was also quite popular!

third grade with pea_2492third graders eating_7761No class is ever complete without garden nibbles!

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