Getting ready for spring planting… and planting!

IMG_2484 IMG_2508

Appreciation to Cedar Grove Compost for their donation of ten yards of compost in our twenty yard delivery.  Another big thank you to Chris Korrow for his tractoring skills and Italian shovel spader that made short work of the farm beds.

IMG_7048  IMG_2776

Chris also tilled new beds on both sides of the north fence line. We’ll grow trellising veggies on the inside, and flowers to attract beneficial insects on the outside. First Graders helped remove the clods of sod.

cover crops turning over SWA_2373 garlic SWA january_2364

Students from the South Whidbey Academy turned over the cover crops the tractor couldn’t get to, and checked out the garlic they’d planted in the fall. It’s growing quite well!

spinach first harvest 2015_2802We delivered overwintered spinach from the hoophouse, and kale from the farm field and LMS, to the cafeteria. A small winter harvest, but a good one!

hoophouse planting february1_2836

New season kale, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and carrots were planted in the hoophouse. Since it’s been a warm February, we also took a chance to put some kale and lettuce out in the field. Kale salads are now popular at the High School, so the sooner we can deliver our farm fresh veggies, the better.

IMG_2911  floating row cover over lettuce and brassics feb_7292

IMG_7282 The second graders planted pea seeds in soil blocks, and also planted the peas they had grown in trays and then examined to learn about plant structure.

They seem to have survived their handling and are growing!

peas planting second grade february_7281

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