First and Second Grade at the farm this winter

In January and February the First Grade class helped with prepping the new pea bed, and keeping an eye on the bug house and decomposing pumpkin pile.

IMG_2569 pumpkins decomposing_7296

The initially stinky pile of decomposing pumpkins – 32 of them – is slowly disappearing into the ground where we plan to plant a fruit tree one day. It’s fascinating to watch the process!

rock pile february_2626A great attraction is the nearby rock pile which the First Graders created last fall from rocks brought up in the tilling of the farm. All sorts of creatures are living there now! And some might even be visiting the pumpkin when we aren’t looking. We can see evidence!

kale nibbles first grade february_7168 kale nibbles first grade february_7173

At the end of the class, eating kale for garden nibbles is always part of the fun!

Second graders explored plant structures by planting peas and then drawing and learning about the different parts of the plant. The students planted the peas in clear tubs so they could watch the roots grow.

pea roots_2775While waiting for the peas to get big enough, the children dug up the cover crops grown in the Elementary School Garden, and compared and contrasted the roots, stems, and leaves of rye, pea, vetch and fava beans.

The next class, the peas were big enough to really see their root structures.  The children examined and drew them, and then planted them out in the field. They especially noted the white nodules on the roots, filled with nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Beneficial bacteria help plants grow – on the roots, and in the soil and compost.

Stay tuned for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade classes starting in March!

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