The Second Grade plants peas…

First and Second graders are now having classes at the Farm and in the Garden Resource Center. Here’s a quick slideshow of the Second Grade pea planting class on January 30th.

The students gathered round to learn about the peas and phacelia they would be planting (two great “P’ words!). We examined the Cascadia Snap Pea and Oregon Giant Snow Pea seeds and shared how they were different.

The peas were planted in soil blocks, aka earth brownies, that will be planted on the farm. To be able to watch their roots grow, peas were also planted on the outside edges of clear plastic tubs (repurposed clamshells that tomatoes or grapes come in.) We planted the tiny phacelia (also called Bee’s Friend) seeds in the center of the tubs. This flower, also known as Bee’s Friend, will provide early season nectar to the bees.

The students brought their garden journals and recorded which pea they planted and the date.

Thank you Deep Harvest Farm for the pea and phacelia seeds!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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