Breaking news… Goose Grocer matches $22,363!

Big Check Ceremony Photo1

Wow! The Goosefoot Community Fund campaign to help fund the school garden program has been spectacularly successful. The community donated $22,363 to meet the $15,000 match from the Goose Grocer… and the Goose raised its match for a total of $44,726 being donated to the School District!

A “big check” ceremony was held on Thursday, January 22, 4 pm at the Goose Grocer. The Goose is located at 14485 SR 525 on South Whidbey Island.

In the photo are Charlie McKissick, Goose Grocer Store Manager; Linda Racicot, School Board Chairwoman; Judy Feldman, Goosefoot Board Chairwoman; Jo Moccia, School Superintendent; John Albertson, Myers Group corporate office; Cary Peterson, School Garden Coordinator; and Sandy Whiting, Goosefoot Executive Director.

A big thank you to all the community members who contributed to funding the school garden program this year, and especially to the Goosefoot Community Fund who made this all possible!

The Goose Grocer is owned by Goosefoot. “The Goose is now in a position to give back and the school garden program appealed to us on many different levels,” says Sandra Whiting, Goosefoot’s executive director. “Goosefoot is currently researching way to support our local food system. Instilling an appreciation of fresh vegetables at an early age will have ripple effects for years to come.”

The South Whidbey School District Garden Program is the result of a unique collaboration amongst several Whidbey Island non-profits: Good Cheer Food Bank, Goosefoot, South Whidbey School District, Whidbey Institute, and Whidbey Island Nourishes (WIN).

Funding from the three-year challenge grant cycle will allow for current and additional garden program staff to work with the school district in making the program self-sustainable. The gardens are used by faculty to teach science, math, and English…all in concert with the core curriculum.

Read more HERE and HERE.


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