The 2015 season begins!

hoophouse spinach 31dec14 swccWhat a great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve by eating spinach growing in the new hoophouse with children from the South Whidbey Children’s Center!

Fundraising has been doing really well with Goosefoot, and they have surpassed the $15,000 needed for the match with the Goose Grocer. Stay tuned for the latest fundraising figures, and many thanks to all those in the community who donated and helped met the match!

Garden activities are happening at both the Langley Middle School and the School Farm.


LMS greenhouse cleanup january1 LMS greenhouse lightbox don building1

Students from the Langley Middle School 7th grade Flex class cleaned up the hoophouse and volunteer Don Zontine is building a new light box to grow starts. Sandy Gilbert provided a weather station so we can track the greenhouse temperature and humidity.

cover crop first bed january LMS cover crop january LMS flipping

cover crop january LMS flipping1aThe Langley Middle School Garden was launched on Jan. 8th by turning over the first cover crops that the students had planted last fall. The rye and field peas had survived the cold and snow quite well. We need to start turning them over now so there is enough time for the plants to compost into organic matter to nourish the soil.

You can read more about the activities in the LMS Garden on their blog.

We are planning to extend the LMS garden by another 100 ft- stay tuned!

garlic january school farmAt the school farm, flipping the cover crops starts next week.

The garlic that students from Sarah Gillett’s class in November is coming up! We had mulched the bed with seaweed, added compost, planted the cloves, and covered in straw.

In the Garden Resource Center we are busy cutting tables to size, and also making a new light box for growing starts. We’ll be planting in the hoophouse shortly!

A new season begins!

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