Hoophouse is finished!

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The last finishing touches went up on our OBC Northwest hoophouse this week, and it is officially DONE! Huge gratitude to Scott Connor, Jude Bierman, Pete Little, Bob Dalton and Kevin Dunham who spend several months and countless hours building it. They are truly dedicated volunteers who have made a huge contribution to the garden and the students.

Click HERE for the slide show of the plastic going up and over. Much appreciation to Jessica Babcock and the Greenbank Farm Ag Training students who helped us do this!

The hoophouse was purchased with funding from the Tulalip Tribe and the Whidbey Island Garden Tour. We thank these organizations for their support!

hoophouse end october lettuce beans_6061The lettuce is very happy in its beautiful new home. There is also spinach growing and we moved the scarlet runner bean teepee inside so that the beans could dry out. We are discovering that beans are like catnip to children, who are absolutely enthralled with the gorgeous beans inside.

After the lettuce and spinach is harvested, we’ll be mulching the hoophouse beds with seaweed and straw. Plantings will start in early February for the new season.

Our appreciation to all those who helped make this hoophouse happen! It will grow a lot of food, and nourish, educate and inspire.

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