Garden tacos!

We always wrap up the garden classes with eating, and garden tacos are a total hit with the students! Much appreciation to the Orcas Island School Garden Program for introducing us to this wonderful garden treat.

The students pick a leaf of kale, spinach or lettuce to use as the “tortilla”. Then carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, broccoli, herbs, edible flowers… whatever is available and the students want to eat … are placed in the veggie “tortilla”, rolled up and enjoyed.

We did not anticipate the eager eating by students this first fall season at the new School Farm, and had to reserve our lettuce and spinach for delivery to the cafeterias. Kale was the available vegetable for the “tortilla”, and an enormous quantity of kale was enthusiastically consumed. Next spring, we’ll be planting lots of enticing varieties of veggies, herbs and edible flowers just for garden tacos, and garden grazing by the students.

Sometimes we run out of time for garden tacos, so we have two huge beds of broccoli with lots of side sprouts for the students to enjoy before they walk back to school. The students are delighted to learn that broccoli is an unopened flower bud, and love eating the broccoli flowers, too.

No student leaves the garden without eating their fill of freshly picked veggies!

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