Students learning in the garden, and eating!

Lots of learning happening in the gardens, delicious garden nibbles being enjoyed, and over 475 lbs of fresh veggies delivered to the cafeterias!

Here are some slide shows of what the different grades are doing:

The First Grade classes of Debra Davies, Danni Curgus and Sharla Matthews have been coming to the garden to learn about what makes soil, starting with rocks.

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The Second Grade classes of Laura Anthony, Betsy Hofius, Katherine Mack and Valerie Twomey have been studying the flow of energy through systems by chopping up the buckwheat summer cover crop and turning it into the soil to nourish next year’s plants. They compare and contrast flowers by observing and drawing them.

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The Fourth Grade classes of Rachel Kizer, Pam Muncey, Sue Raley and Kathy Stanley are learning about plant structures. It was really fun to get to know winter squash while harvesting and weighing them (and learning fractions in the process)!

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John LaVassar’s Fifth Grade class has been learning measuring and the metric system by planting radishes in a grid and observing and measuring them weekly. Lots of enthusiasm for their little growing plants, and amazement at how fast they are growing.

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A highlight of all the classes is eating! Garden nibbles and garden tacos are a great hit. To make a garden taco, use a kale leaf as the taco shell, and then add other delicious edibles such as carrots, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, herbs and edible flowers. Even raw beets were a hit! Check out our garden taco slide show HERE

Delightful with broccoli flowers.

Delightful with broccoli flowers.

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