School garden veggies in the cafeterias!

harvest first lms garden P1340416

FFFL poster P1050141The Langley Middle School 7th grade STEM and Enrichment classes hosted a wonderful kick-off celebration for Fresh Food for Lunch on May 23rd, with the salad greens they’ve been growing served for the first time in the cafeteria. We have a garden full of veggies, so they will be on the menu from now on!

Harvest received at LMS cafeteria 23may14_P1050121

Receiving the first harvest in the Cougar Cafe!

Salad bar at LMS 23may14_4400

Dee Dee made a delicious salad from the lettuce, spinach, kale, chickweed, chives, mustard greens and cilantro that the students harvested from the garden.

At the celebration lunch, students presented Certificates of Appreciation to our supporters and funders: Good Cheer Food Bank, South Whidbey Schools Foundation, South Whidbey School District Board of Directors, Whidbey Island Garden Tour, Whidbey Island Nourishes, Whidbey Island Community Education Center.

Appreciation also to Susan Milan, 7th grade Science and Enrichment teacher, Bruce Kinney, Chartwells District Food Service Director, and Cary Peterson, volunteer school garden coordinator.

We’re launched… fresh food now being served for lunch at South Whidbey Schools! After this roll-out at the Langley Middle school, fresh school garden grown salads will also be served at the Elementary School, High School and South Whidbey Academy.

Article in the South Whidbey Record about the Fresh Food for Lunch event HERE!

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