Great progress thanks to UW student farmers!

UW Farm Field 3may14_4275

A big thank you to Professor Beth Wheat, and her students in the Urban Farming class at the University of Washington! The class came to Whidbey on a field trip May 3 which included volunteering in our South Whidbey community gardens: the SWSD Farm Field and South Whidbey Academy Garden, the Good Cheer Garden and the Whidbey Institute Westgarden.

They created a bed for flowers that attract beneficial insects, and for dye plants for the South Whidbey Academy 3rd – 5th grade classes who are learning about the creation of clothing from shearing to spinning and weaving. The UW students completed the east bed, now the students will prepare and plant the west bed.

They also created paths in the farm field and we now have beautiful raised beds for growing, ready to plant! Grass clipping mulch will keep weeds from sprouting, and will hold in the moisture until seeds and starts go in the ground.

A big thank you to Autumn Nettey, Matt Wildey, Allyson Jackovics, Jesse Barr, Jamie Costantino and Jenny Nguyen for your work!

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