Learning about peas!

pea plant1_3618 pea drawing3_3617

The Second Graders learned about the basics of plant anatomy- roots, seed and shoots- by drawing peas that had been sprouted in advance. Peas had been grown in soil blocks, which the students took apart to discover the sprouted seed and the root, examining all the parts of the plant. That was fun!

pea drawing2_3612 pea drawing_3610

Some roots are more imaginative than others!

The students then planted pea seeds in soil blocks. Cascadia snap peas, grown locally by Deep Harvest Farm, and Oregon Giant Snow Peas were the two varieties.

peas planted soil blocks_3619

Each student labeled their soil blocks with their name, the date of planting, and the variety. The peas are now sprouting over Spring break, and will be planted in the SWES garden when the students return.

Days to maturity is around 60 days for the Cascadia Pea and 70 days for the Oregon Gaint, so we should have delicious peas before school gets out!

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