It’s cold but peas will grow

It’s that time of the season when everyone wants to be outside planting. It’s still too cold for most veggies… but not peas! They are the perfect plant for students to start with: big seeds, easy to sow and grow, and very tasty when the time comes to eat them.

pea planting direct sow SWA_3410 pea planting direct sow SWA2_3412

We used two methods: direct sowing in the soil, and growing them in soil blocks. The SWA Middle School Phys. Ed. class planted the seeds, and the SWA High School Garden Elective class made, and planted, the soil blocks.

soil blocks making SWA1_3417soil blocks making SWA2_3419

soil blocks planted with peas_3424

We used potting soil made by Langley Middle School 7th graders out of coir fiber, compost, perlite and sand. The soil blockers make nice little 1.5 inch square “earth brownies” that the seeds are planted in and then covered over. We’ll see which grows faster… the soil blocks or the direct sowed seeds.

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