Earth Brownies!

Students at the Langley Middle School blessed us with this fun, new description of soil blocks while preparing them in their greenhouse last Tuesday! The 2013 Community Gardening Leadership Training apprentices came out in full force as Alexa MacAulay, Camille Green and Casey Jackson demonstrated how to make potting soil and soil blocks in an interactive and educational setting.

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After a class review of soil and the individual importance of its air, water, mineral and organic matter constituents, we made our way to the greenhouse. The greenhouse was set up into four stations for the students to participate in: Compost sifting, potting soil mixing, soil block making and planting, and the tomato plant pot-up station. It turns out, the students were better at making soil blocks than most of us! The greenhouse was buzzing with descriptive comments about the water holding capacity of coco-coir, softness of sifted compost, shapes of various seeds, delicacy of baby tomato plants, and of course, the soil blocks- turned- earth brownies. The students seeded spinach and chard into many soil blocks which will be planted into their garden and later harvested for the food bank!

We did not anticipate the large amount of work accomplished during the lesson! There were so many tomato plants potted up and so many seeds planted into soil blocks that we are pleased to announce they will be making an auction presence at Good Cheer’s “Fresh Food on the Table” event on the 28th of April! The event is being held at the Whidbey Institute. You can review the details on the Good Cheer Garden website!

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