Cooking class for families – Stir Fry with Farmer Kylie by Zoom

For our cooking classes this spring when the students were at home, everyone cooked simultaneously by Zoom – Farmer Kylie in the School Farm culinary classroom, and the students in their kitchens. The 5th and 6th graders loved these classes so much they asked if we could offer them in the summer.

So, by popular demand, here is our first summer class for families!

How to make stir fry!
Thursday, July 9th at 3:30 pm

Sign up for the ZOOM class HERE

We’re featuring the rainbow of fresh veggies
that Whidbey Island Nourishes distributes weekly.

Student stir fry chefs can also sign up to receive veggies from the School Farm,
available for pickup the day of the class.

Join in the class or watch the video, or both!

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Basil starts and summer volunteering!

You can order basil starts HERE for pickup on Friday, July 1st.

HERE is the link to sign up to volunteer!

Click HERE for our school farm news the first week of July!

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Five Fun Things at the Farm the week of the summer solstice!

During the week of the longest day of the year, we visit our volunteers working on the scarlet runner beans, learn about the solstices, hear the camas seeds rattling, see the potato flowers and look for ladybug larvae.

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Thank you South Whidbey Garden Club!

Thank you South Whidbey Garden Club for your support!

Your grants helped us grow thousands of starts for the student farmers at home, and provide other needed farm supplies.


This year 5th and 6th students in the Farm Team wrote a grant for Farm Team supplies, and supplies to grow veggie starts, and they were awarded $500! Little did they know the end of February when they submitted the grant what the rest of the school year would bring! The School Farm was also awarded $500 for tools and irrigation supplies.

Nancy Rowan of the South Whidbey Garden Club presented this lovely garden art, one for each grant. The garden club has helped so many students grow veggies!

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Five Fun Things the last week of school!

We have strawberries ready to eat, tomato trellises in the hoophouse, climbing scarlet runner beans, garlic scapes and sharing where all our produce goes. Plus a thank you to all the t-post donors!

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Five Fun Things at the Farm the 2nd week of June

It’s “Junuary” and we visit our huge spinach leaves, vining pumpkins, diversity of lettuce, suckering indeterminate tomatoes and native plant hedge.

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Summer volunteering at the School Farms!

What is happening this summer at the School Farms?

We are growing lots of fresh veggies for the school community, and the students’ school lunches and Whidbey Island Nourishes healthy snacks in the fall!

Though we can’t have regular work parties, we are scheduling times that adult volunteers, and our student farmers and their families, can come help us grow all these veggies and care for the farms.

With social distancing and safe COVID protocols!

There will be planting, weeding, bed prep, harvesting and other skill- and age-appropriate activities. Volunteers go home with veggies from the farm!

Please fill out this form HERE to schedule when you can come. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Five Fun Things at the Farm the first week of June

Take a visit to the High School Farms and also see our daffodil leaves photosynthesizing, camas going to seed, new robin nests, and pumpkin trellises.


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Delicious bok choy dishes from the farm!

The  school lunches and culinary classes have been enjoying bok choy!

We had a great harvest from the Elementary School Farm that was used for a scratch-cooked school lunch of ginger bok choy, rice and chicken stir fry! Over 200 meals were delivered by bus or picked up as grab ‘n go. Yum!

Spectacular bok choy from the High School was the highlight of our online culinary class with the 5th and 6th grade garden science classes. The students learned how to make salad from bok choy, snap peas, brokali, turnips and scallions from the garden with a toasted sesame, soy sauce and rice vinegar dressing. Yum!

Here is Farmer Kylie’s video for the students how to make it!

Try this at home – it’s delicious!

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Fun things the last week of May and more pea picking tips!

We have a YouTube channel

for our student farmers at home!

Click HERE to see the videos.

If you have questions or requests for videos
for Farmer Cary, Mr. LaVassar or Kylie’s Cooking Class,



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